Product Settings


For the system to work properly it’s essential to add accurate weights and dimensions to the products on your website. If no weights and dimensions have been entered it will automatically use the default settings, which could undercharge/overcharge your customer.






Product Weight

Each product needs to have an accurate weight. 

Product Dimensions

Each product needs accurate dimensions, fine tuning your dimensions will reduce wasted space therefore reducing your volumetric weight. Carriers will either charge on the actual weight of the product or the volumetric weight, which ever is greater. 

Packaging Buffer

The packaging buffer is to help you plan for protective cushioning around the product. For example: You may  wish to add 25% more volume to a product that is fragile. For items that are more robust you may only add 5%

Packing Type

Single - This item will ship in its own box. 

Shared - This item can share a box with another item in the cart.

Manufacture Country Used for export shipments, displayed on the commercial invoice, its essential for customs to be able to see the location of the country of manufacture to charge the correct Duties and Taxes. Without it, delays and extra charges may apply.