About World Options

Firstly World Options would like to say thank you, we hope that your experience with World Options is one you can rely on and trust.

World Options have been providing premium parcel solutions since 2004 and are growing from strength to strength. The beauty of the World Options business model is the stronger the company gets the greater buying power they have, meaning more couriers and services at purse friendly prices. 

Part of World Options strategy for growth is enabling website owners to capitalise on international markets. Until now there has been no easy solution for this problem, however that is all about to change. Gone are the days when you require a development team to integrate courier services within your website, no longer do you need to negotiate rates with couriers for international destinations, say goodbye to the unknown that was once international shipping and say hello to the world. 

World Options are opening the doors to low cost domestic and international parcel rates, by providing accurate pricing direct to your websites shopping cart. We offer both economy & express services with oodles of options to customise the service to your requirements. The benefits don’t stop there, our integration tools enable businesses to access big business technology for free. World Options will automatically book your parcels, schedule pickups and send parcel tracking details to your customers, all you’re left to do is print the label. Did we mention that all this is done seconds after your customer presses the buy now button on your website!

Unlike other online couriers that have become faceless and difficult to work with when something goes wrong, World Options will be there for you.  As a website owner you’ll still have the benefit of an account manager to support and offer advice as you begin to explore markets further a field.  

We wish you every success in opening doors to new markets, new customers and new friendships.

Happy Shipping.

World Options