Parcel Preferences


To add parcel preferences select Add Preferences, this will open a popup window to your World Options Middle server, this will store all sender details. (Allow popups) to complete setup.






Company Name

Name of your company

Company Email

This email is your sales email address

Company State/County

Enter your County e.g. Lancashire

Company City

Enter your City e.g. Manchester

Company Country

Select your Country 


Enter your Postcode e.g. BB4 5HU

Company Area Code

Enter your Telephone Area Code e.g. 01706. Do not enter your country code e.g. +44. For mobiles add the first 5 digits.

Company Phone

 Enter the remaining digits of your telephone/mobile number e.g. 368160

Show Delivery Date and Time

If available this feature will activate or deactivate the estimated time of arrival.

Logo This logo is for your commercial invoice
Colour Picker This will allow you to choose the main colour of your commercial invoice




Sender Company

The sender company needs to be exactly the same as the address in the Portal, if the address is different your customers will not be able to complete their booking.

Sender Contact Name

The sender contact name needs to be exactly the same as the contact name in the World Options Portal

Sender Address

The sender address needs to be exactly the same as the sender address in the World Options Portal

Sender VAT


The sender VAT needs to be exactly the same as the sender VAT in the World Options Portal

EORI Number Used for export shipments and displayed on the commercial invoice.




If available, if at anytime World Options doesn't return a result the plugins will show default prices for the following:

  • Domestic
  • European
  • International

Local Pickup

Primarily used for Woocommerce, an option to allow collection if no shipping is available


Include or exclude VAT on your shipping.

Order Fulfilment by App

If available, when automated shipping is switched on, the shipment can be marked as fulfilled by World Options as soon as it's booked or it can be left to be marked as fulfilled by the packer.




Default Product Dimensions

Default product dimensions (centimetres) refers to your average sized product. This size will be used as a default if no size product size is specified on your product. Orders that use default dimensions won't automatically book, they will need to be fulfilled in the app or exported to CSV to import into Ship Manager. Quotes at cart won't be accurate but will be close if your dimensions are generally around the same size. 

Default Product Weight
Default product weight (kilograms) refers to the weight of your average product. This weight will be used as a default if no product weight is specified on your product. Orders that use default weights won't automatically book, they will need to be fulfilled in the app or exported to CSV to import into Ship Manager. Without weights or dimensions your shipping prices will be a rough estimate, this is a perfect option to get started however it will be best to add at least the weights to get more accurate shipping.

Package Type

In most cases this will be 'Any Non Document'. 'Any Document' refers to a flat wallet used for sending documents only.

Duties Payor If available offers DDP and DAP shipments





To obtain accurate shipping quotes, World Options require accurate carton sizes. Quotes are returned based on total cart weight and auto selected cart size. If your carton sizes are incorrect so will be the price of your shipping. 

If you have multiple items that can be shipped in the same package e.g Shirt and cufflinks, the plugins will identify the correct box size based on volume. If by chance you exceed your max dimensions of all your boxes a second package will be created, the shipment will then become a multi-piece shipment.

Identify and measure your internal dimensions of your shipping boxes and list your max weight in each.


Box Name Name of the box sizes that will be familiar to you.
Length Add the length of the internal dimensions of the box
Width Add the width of the internal dimensions of the box
Height Add the height of the internal dimensions of the box
Pkg Wgt Short for Packaging Weight, add the weight of the empty packaging
Max Weight Add the max weight of the packaging. 
Stock Status Add the stock status of the packaging, if out of stock this box will be skipped in the calculation.




Collection Type Collection for Next Day - Will book a collection with the parcel company the next day
Collection for Specific Day - Choose between 2 and 10 days, allowing you enough time to manufacture or purchase the product from a supplier.
No Collection - Collection will need to be manually booked in the World Options Portal
Thermal Printing Go to manage in the World Options Portal and set up your thermal printer using the PDF Guide available. Once set up add the name of your printer in this setting. 




Carrier Choose your carrier that you would like to rename
Masking Name Rename the carrier to a name of your choice




Active Activate a Royal Mail service you wish to use
Service Name Activated service names will show in bold
Custom Service Name Rename the Royal Mail service




Weight bands and sizes Royal Mail use specific weight bands and box sizes that are predetermined. If your customer chooses a Royal Mail service World Options will take your product dimensions and weight and select a Royal Mail weight and size band. You can add your packing weight to add extra accuracy to the process. 




Export and Import Settings If you are setting up another shop different or the same of as the platform you are currently using you can export these settings to assist with set up. Multiple sites can be added to the same shipping configurations if they are all using the same platform. New settings will appear if you are using a different platform e.g Woocommerce and Shopify. To have completely different settings on the same platform a second World Options account will be required.