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Think BIG... Be Global

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The checkout experience needs to be simple, that's why we've kept it the way Shopify intended. The small changes we've made to the cart will largely go unnoticed by your local customers, however your international customer will love every moment.

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Global Shipping App

World Options removes all the stress of finding a courier partner, with full integration to all major carriers we enable you to ship to every global destination you can think of without the need to touch a line of code.

All courier rates are discounted, we even show you how to pack your box!

  • Automate & Ship for Less

    Attract a larger global audience by displaying discounted shipping rates at checkout. Automate your entire shipping processes, simply print.

  • Everything in One Central Hub

    There is absolutely no need to leave Shopify in the shipping process, everything you need has been built directly in your Shopify store.

  • How is it so Smart?

    No matter if you've sold 1 or 21 items, our app will be able to tell you the weight, dimensions, what box to use and even how to pack it!

Key Features

1. Discounted Shipping rates Direct to your Website

2. Print Shipping labels direct from your Shopify Admin

3. View best-fit 3D visualisation to assist with packing

4. Tracking details automatically recorded and sent

5. Print commercial documentation needed for all shipments leaving the EU

Royal Mail & Hermes

Select Royal Mail or Hermes services for domestic or global deliveries, we'll then ensure your cart provides the right shipping prices no matter what.

How much does the World Options Shopify App cost?

It's free for World Options account holders, you simply pay for your shipments.

What does the World Options Shopify App do?

World Options provides low cost premium carrier at discounted prices. World Options have been providing these services since 2004. Our customers have asked to display these discounted prices in their checkout on their website, allowing them to provide accurate shipping prices globally.

Do I have to input any rates?

No, all rates are pulled from our World Options API, you simply login using your username and password and complete the simple setup. 

What details do I need for the setup process?

It's as simple as sending a shipment so don't worry, you wont need a team of developers. Once you've entered your login details, box and product sizes the app does all the hard work for you. Simply print the label and pack your box. 

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