App Settings







Meter Number

Use the Meter Number displayed in the World Options Portal preferences


Meter Number (API URL)

Use the API URL displayed in the World Options Portal preferences


This is your username for your Portal login


This is your password for your Portal login




Allowed Shipping Countries

Select or deselect the countries you that you wish to allow

Select your weight Unit

Select your cart weight unit if different from KG

Auto Book Shipment

If Auto book shipment is set to Yes, plugin/app will automatically book shipment in the World Options Portal. If set to No shipments will be quoted at cart but can then be processed either by fulfilment in app or exported to CSV format, available for import into World Options Ship Manager

Display Tracking Number

If available select if you wish to display tracking number if Autobook is set to Yes. 



If available this will begin to create logs on your server to identify issues for developers. We encourage you not to activate this function because it will start to consume space on your server. If any problems occur developers will activate this feature to test and diagnose.


This will simply enable or disable to the tool.

Settings This is where the bulk of World Options settings are stored, if this function doesn't show first time you will need to allow pop-ups. If you get an access error please confirm with your account manager that you are on Account and not Prepay.
Import/Export Settings From time to time we have to ask users to delete the app and reinstall, the export settings tool will allow you to do this with minimum effort.